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Bela MD+ Advanced Skin Health Facial Treatment

The BELA MD medical skin health platform is designed to provide improvement in primary skin concerns while addressing the overall health and appearance of the skin. BELA takes popular treatments such as serum infusion and diamond microdermabrasion to the next level with the latest results-driven technology and serum advancements.

  • Dry diamond microdermabrasion
  • Hydrogen water infusion
  • Ultrasonic cleanse and extraction
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • BELA MD serum infusion
  • Electroporation
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Bela MD+ Treatments

  • Bela MD+ 6 In 1 Facial – This ultimate 6 in 1 facial treatment combines the BelaMD diamond microdermabrasion, hydrogen water infusion, and ultrasonic skin scrubber to extract and unclog pores then infuses a specialty serum suitable for your specific skin type; next, this facial stimulates neck toning with advanced microcurrent technology to provide muscle stimulation and finishes with a soothing facial massage performed with BelaMD’s electroporation to enhance absorption of the hyaluronic serum. This specialty facial provides you with six different advanced treatments all in one, to leave you feeling clean, rejuvenated and glowing. Everyone can benefit from this high-end facial treatment!
  • Bela MD+ Deep Cleanse Facial – If you are looking for a deep cleaning exfoliation with extractions, this BelaMD diamond microdermabrasion will smooth your skin texture and slough off dry, dead skin cells. Ultrasonic skin scrubber provides a “power washing effect” to loosen and remove oil, dirt and debris on the surface of the skin. Hydrogen water infusion (a powerful antioxidant) improves hydration, reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen production.
  • Bela MD+ Hydra Facial – This facial is perfect if you are looking for overall hydration. Experience BelaMD diamond microdermabrasion, hydrogen water infusion, and a soothing facial massage with exclusive electroporation to increase the penetration of hyaluronic acid. This treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated!
  • Bela MD+ Express – This quick pick-me-up facial blends BelaMD diamond microdermabrasion, hydrogen water infusion, then a customized BelaMD serum infusion. This quick facial with leave your skin glowing!
  • Bela MD+ Detox Facial – This detoxifying treatment combines BelaMD diamond microdermabrasion followed by a hydrogen-rich water infusion, to reduce inflammation while boosting brightness and hydration.
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