Threading Face Lift – Everything You Need To Know!

Threading Face Lift – Everything You Need To Know!

Silhouette InstaLift - Thread Lift

The skin, which is the largest organ of our body is also one of the most harshly affected ones. Sunlight, chemicals, sweat, and allergies all sprout on the skin and alter its health and overall condition.

The facial skin also gets exposed to the harshness of the weather, environment, and the chemicals that we expose them to, in the name of skincare and exfoliation. This, along with our increasing age, makes the skin lose its quality. As a result, the skin often appears loose, thin, and wrinkled. It also loses its elasticity and as a result, people often look more aged and older than they really are.

What is Silhouette InstaLift®?

Silhouette InstaLift® is a procedure that helps tighten and lift the face’s skin. In doing so, it makes the skin appear tight, firm, and rejuvenated as a whole!

In this technique, a biodegradable and dissolvable suture is used on the face. This suture helps in immediately tightening and lifting the skin. It is a short procedure and is a minimally invasive one as well.

These sutures are made up of colorless and transparent polyester material. When this material is sutured on the skin, it triggers the fibroblasts present in the body to produce more and more collagen, to ultimately replace the suture material with them.

Collagen is the principal protein that is associated with imparting elasticity and tonicity to the skin, making it appear tightened and firm. This also gives the skin a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance because it is evident that ewer and better-quality collagen is replacing the older ones.

Finally, the sutures dissolve within about six months, owing to their biodegradable nature.

What Happens During a Threading Face Lift Treatment?

Even though it is a short procedure, an immense amount of care and precautions are taken to ensure a smooth process throughout the procedure.

  1. The procedure beings with the aesthetician doing a detailed evaluation of your face and the texture of your facial skin and likewise, taking notes of where you need a lift.
  2. Then the aesthetician would make markings along the contours of the face, where you would be sutured for face lifting. The direction for inserting the thread of the sutures would also be decided then.
  3. Using a cannula, the threads would be inserted and sutured inside the skin. Depending on the quality and type of lift, you need, the number of threads may increase.
  4. To ensure the knots sit well and with no knots, the skin is patted and gently massaged.
  5. The whole procedure hardly takes about 30 minutes and you are usually free to go back home right after the treatment.

Is the Threading Face Lift a Painful Procedure?

Because there is a great involvement of needles and threads in this procedure, it is common for a person to experience fear before getting this procedure. However, one should be assured that the aesthetician always remembers to use a topical numbing gel before starting the procedure.

This way, the pain is minimized, and typically, you only feel small, harmless pinches on your face that are easily ignored and managed. So, there is no need to get worried before the procedure.

Recovery after Silhouette-Instalift

Patients can go back to a sedentary job 24-48 hours post-procedure, however, patients will still need to cover the insertion point and expect potential bruising. Physical activity is also restricted for 2-3 weeks post the Face Lift procedure. Silhouette Instalift takes approximately 4 weeks for complete healing, for a full physical and social activity to return to normal.

How much does Silhouette-Instalift cost?

At B at the Top, Silhouette-instalift costs $1199.99 for two 2 sutures.

Is the Threading Face Lift A Permanent Procedure?

As appealing as it might sound to all skin-conscious people, this fact is unfortunately not true. The Threading Face Lift Procedure, as mentioned earlier, involves the usage of absorbable and biodegradable sutures.

This means that once the lifetime of the sutures, which was originally holding the tightened skin and lifting it, is over, the skin would no longer appear to be the way that it was after the procedure. This makes this entire procedure a temporary one, requiring experienced people to get it redone if they wish after the sutures have dissolved.

Before and after Silhouette InstaLift®

before and after silhouette-instalift

Are There Any Complications of Opting For the Threading Face Lift Procedure?

There have been no serious reported complications. In a small number of cases, there is a little bruising and swelling, but it resolves by itself within a week.

The aesthetician recommends you be careful with your face, avoid touching or rubbing it as much as possible, and avoid getting any steam facials or other treatments for some time after getting the treatment done.


The Threading Face Lift is a refreshing and rejuvenating procedure that can help restore the elasticity of your skin and make it appear tighter and firmer. It is indeed a great procedure, that is also minimally invasive that could help people in appearing younger and radiant than ever!

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